Nowadays, having a car is not a luxury, but a necessity. You need a ride to get to work or to go meet your friends. You cannot rely on Kolkata public transportation. Taking the bus may be cheaper, but you have to adapt your schedule and wait minutes at an end until a bus finally comes. Being a vehicle owner offers you a great deal of freedom. However, it comes with many responsibilities too. Besides insurance and fuel costs, you have to handle repairs. After a while, you will get fed up. An old vehicle costs a lot of money, so there is no point in keeping it any longer. For your own good, sell the car. But who will buy an obsolete car? As surprising as it may seem, there are people willing to purchase your wheels. If you are wondering how to sell my car in Kolkata, it means that you have not sold an auto in your life. There are many ways to sell your automobile. You can sell your wheels to car castle. This is a great way of dealing with the responsibilities of selling a vehicle. All you have to do is make a visit our showroom. You will immediately receive an appraisal of the value of the automobile and you will be made a fair offer.